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Whatever you want to create, do or be in your life you can do it the hard way or the joyful way.

The hard way is fighting reality, pushing and exhausting yourself and others.

The joyful way is staying aligined with yourself, trusting life and opening to unknown possibilities.

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So if you want to introduce important changes in your life in a joyful and successful way, this workshop is for you!

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In the program:

  1. Your starting point
  2. Your dream and aim
  3. Obstacles on the way (self sabotage, inner critic, old patterns)
  4. Your plan and how to realize it in small steps

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What do you gain:

  • – „The Universe Wants You To Succeed” perspective
  • – My best tools to stay integrated and thrive in this world
  • – Clarity of your goals and the next steps to take
  • – The motivation, inspiration and confidence necessary to start

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4 May, Saturday: 2 pm – 6 pm,
doors open at 1.30 pm

5 May, Sunday: 10 am – 2 pm,
doors open at 9.30

Zen Sangha, Elyzeese Velden 10B, Ghent

Participation fee:

Zen Sangha members: 80 euro,
other participants: 100 euro.

The workshop will be in English.

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Do you have questions?
Contact me!

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